So what's this Skipping Stones thing? We'll tell you about the players...

William Knapp is a Connecticut-based drummer who became an early fixture in the elemental, hardcore music scene, including the bands CIA, Reflex From Pain, 76% Uncertain, Onion, Shelter and Explodee (with Greg Vegas from Monsterland). He brings extensive production experience to the label, co-producing the first Shelter record "Perfection of Desire" and contributing to the "legendary" Anthrax club and art space founded by brothers Brian and Shawn Sheriden. The all-ages Anthrax was the hub of the undergound / hardcore / punk rock music scene in CT throughout the 80s. Often, Knapp would be behind the mixing board, doing live sound for bands such as Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Sonic Youth, The Fall, Circle Jerks, Henry Rollins, The Descendents and others from 1984 - 1989. Knapp is currently making a living as Creative Director of an interactive media / advertising company.
Knapp brings his passion for music into this new project. "[It] touches the soul, it's the magic a kid sees watching stones skip across the water."

Christine . . . grew up in the Green Mountains and made her way to CT via New York and art school. She loves flowers, making pretty things and stuff that sparkles. She works with at-risk youth and community projects at a local museum. Her favorite color is periwinkle.

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