Artists (in alphabetical order)

Beauty Sleep, Brooklyn, NY

The Besties, Brooklyn, NY

Celestial, Örebro, Sweden

The Charade, Stockholm, Sweden

Dyrdin, Reykjavik, Iceland

The Morning Paper, Stockholm, Sweden

superfallingstars, New Haven, CT

Singing Bridges, Oakville, CT

The Year Zero, Long Beach, CA









Beauty Sleep, Brooklyn, NY
Beauty Sleep is a band that swims happily between the sounds of sweet indie pop, rock, and melancholy melodies without ever stopping for breath. They have a quiet and touching sound that draws you in during their performances. Their catchy melodies pull together a semi-sweet, playful sound and a unique intensity about frantic Manhattan life and love.
Releases: “Songs on Tape Recorders” Fall 2006
RIYL: Rilo Kiley, Built to Spill, The Kinks, The Beatles, Autolux, Shiner, Lusk, Belly
Listen to an mp3 of “Unusual White Day” from one of their early demos

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The Besties, Brooklyn, NY

The Besties bring a breath of fresh air and charm to a new generation of twee pop. One fan wrote on, The Besties are “like a polka-dot dress came to life and started playing the keyboard.” The band graduated from the bedroom and into the studio to create their debut album Singer, released on Valentine’s Day!

Marisa and Kelly on vocals and keyboards sing their dream boy to life, while Rikky strums on the guitar. Clever lyrics and melodies create songs about forbidden love and danger; a fantastical scenario in outer space, the zombie lover and way out West with gun-totin' cowboys. Newer songs contrast the bubblegum pop with nostalgic memories and faraway love.
: “Singer” February 14, 2006
RIYL: The Shermans, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Talulah Gosh, Tullycraft, The Maybellines, The Swirlies, early Magnetic Fields and Japanese pop.
Listen to an mp3 of “Sweden Song”

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Celestial, Örebro, Sweden
Andreas Hagman creates a sound that simultaneously strides forward while holding a hand out to the past in the music of Celestial. The Creation and Sarah records influences flow between dreamy pop, jangly guitar and vocals that reflect a tender, soul-baring honesty. The music aims to reach far beyond the terrestrial world to a heavenly, dreamlike state. The melodies are central to Celestial's music and they ebb and sway over layers of reverb and echo. The music balances on a thin line between happiness and sadness, but always with an aim and gaze set high in the sky.

Andreas asked various friends and acquaintances to contribute to the debut album - new recordings that build on the success of the lo-fi digital releases on Lost Music. Pär Carlsson and Christoffer Davidsson shared the drumming like brothers. The wonderful and angelic voice on certain songs belongs to Malin Dahlberg, who is the vocalist in Laurel Music and shoegazy Douglas Heart (on the Swedish label Labrador). She is also known for her solo project We Are Soldiers We Have Guns (on English label Stereo Test Kits Records). Daniel Björck, of The Tower of Foil and The Idle Hands, contributed his piano playing skills and Sara Thedéen plays the flute. All the musicians are, in one way or another, connected to Örebro, Sweden.

“precious and almost translucent songs between dreampop and twee pop." /Didier,

"wanders from shoegaze via Field Mice to JAMC in five songs" /Groove

"The potential on those early download EPs has been harnassed and improved. There is a richness to the guitar sound, that was previously missing. The whole LP sounds more rounded. Finished. 'Nothing Happens; Twice' ... has become a wonderfully pounding beast of an indiepop song." /Lost Music

Releases: “Dream On” Spring 2007
RIYL: The essence of Creation and Sarah Records, C86 and a softer, kinder Jesus & Mary Chain. More: Swedish Pop, The Field Mice, Ride, Trembling Blue Stars,
My Favorite,The Smiths, Slowdive, Mojave 3, The Stone Roses, Felt.
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The Charade, Stockholm, Sweden
The Charade brings a relentlessly catchy brand of genius pop that only the Swedish can dream up. Their first release had all the prerequisites of catchy pop from Sweden; beautiful layerings of angelic vocals from Ingela Matsson backed up by the intricate arrangements and keyboards of husband Mikael Matsson. The legendary Magnus Karlsson brings this trio down to earth, grounding the sweet pop sounds with jangly guitar.

Karlsson honed his skills as the guitarist for the Happydeadmen, who combined the sounds of the Housemartins and The Smiths to become one of Sweden’s first indie pop bands in 1988. Their fresh and crisp sound paved the way for bands like The Cardigans, Popsicle, St. Etienne and 1990s pop in Sweden.

Mikael came of age musically through the "boy-girl jangle pop perfection" of Red Sleeping Beauty in the 1990s and later perfected his style in The Shermans, where love bloomed with singer Ingela. Mikael and Ingela Matsson bring their brand of sunny pop to a new level, showing growth and honesty as they relax into domestic bliss.

The Charade culls from the past for inspiration, paying tribute to the sounds of 60s girl groups and pop hits from The Ronettes, The Byrds and The Carpenters. Matsson’s samplings and digital programming brings their sound into the 21st century.

“perfectly catchy pop songs with optimistic surfaces and more complicated emotions within” Erasing Clouds

"pure pop magic and the chorus is one of the best I’ve heard so far this year ... it’s jangle-pop perfection many times over." Common Paper

"The teaser clip "Monday Morning" from the upcoming debut album from Swedish popsters The Charade remains true to its' members roots by crafting heartfelt winsomeness to pure pop bliss."

"brisk and breezy, capturing strolls on sunny days cut into by bitter cold. Sugar sweetness drips from their steady jangle pop, which owes as much to the 60s as to the ubiquitous C80s" Vanity Project Fanzine

RIYL: Swedish pop, Red Sleeping Beauty, Happydeadmen, the Shermans,
Acid House Kings, The Aislers Set, The Cardigans, Club 8...
Releases: “Real Life Drama” May 2006
“The Best is Yet to Come” May 2005
Listen to an mp3 of "Monday Morning".

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The Morning Paper, Stockholm, Sweden
The Morning Paper was formed in Malmo, Sweden in 2004 by David Kyhlberg, who collaborates with Ida Bergstrom and Karl Daniel Tornkvist. Sweeping across urbanity and nature, with humble movements and delicate voices, The Morning Paper is best read in terms of dusk and dawn. Being in the same room as The Morning Paper means being a part of a gentle-colored scenery - memories, hopes, failures, suns rising up and suns falling down – all these things gather up in a gallery of heartfelt musical maps. These sounds and melodies can be described as melancholic, but they are also sounds of hope and joy.

“a must if dreamy melodies are your cup of tea” sonic

“quiet and simply beautiful (sounds like rain falling down). Perfect for a tired Friday evening” hits in the car blog

“fuzzy and absolutely amazing pop music” louder than bombs

Releases: “It’s Getting Clearer” Spring, 2008
RIYL: New Order, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, Slowdive, Prefab Sprout, Saint Etienne, My Bloody Valentine, Brighter, The Radio Department, Nathan Fake, M83, Trembling Blue Stars, Blueboy, Brian Eno, Junior Boys, Manual

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Dyrdin, Reykjavik, Iceland
There are only 300,000 people who live in Iceland, 80% believe in elves. Dýrðin brings the mythologies of elves, comic book heroes and Star Trek to life with their edgy pop. Dýrðin was formed in Reykjavik in 1994 by Einar and Maggi, having both played in various underground rock groups for a few years, teamed up with Þorvaldur Gröndal, to produce silly little pop songs, with a twist, in Maggi's bedroom. They got hold of a Dr. Rhythm drum machine and an old saggy keyboard and started churning out tunes on a Tascam 4-track Portastudio. Einar's sister was hastily recruited to sing. Hafdis surprised everyone by suddenly displaying singing talent and a knack for rocking out on stage.

After a brief hiatus, they’re back on the scene playing locally at the Iceland Airwaves festival, Innupukinn and recently at Popfest! New England in Northampton, MA. The drum machine has been dismissed in favor of a real live punk drummer named Tóti, who also plays in the legendary Icelandic punk band, Vonbrigdi. Vonbrigdi are a recently resurrected punk band who were at the forefront of the punk wave along with such bands as Purrkur Pillnikk (featuring Einar Orn of Sugarcube fame), Fraebblarnir, the glue-sniffing Sjalfsfroun, and Bjork's band Tappi Tikarrass. In a departure from bass, guitar and keyboards, the band has now reached new heights with a full, five member line-up, in both live performances and recording.

From the Icelandic music magazine, Grapevine: “This is a band I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on many occasions, and have watched them grow. Dýrðin’s driving, New Wave pop is well-served by a formidable drummer, who can be best described as a hard-hitting psycho. They carried their numbers across so well that before long they started playing their songs faster than usual … Dýrðin finished their set with the singer and keyboardist dancing continuously, the crowd elated…”

RIYL: The Icicles, All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Sugarcubes, The Cardigans, Buzzcocks, The Ramones, Blonde Redhead, The Raveonettes, Serge Gainsbourg
Listen to an mp3 of Prins i Alogum (The Frog Prince)

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Singing Bridges, Oakville, CT
Singing Bridges is loud.
Singing Bridges is quiet.
Fuzzed out guitars and solid rhythms create a familiar sound balancing feelings of dark heaviness with hopeful light. Singing Bridges manages to encompass influences including Joy Division, The Wedding Present, Sonic Youth, The Pixies.

We call Connecticut home - the “in-between state” that most people speed through on I-95. Our songs are hopes and fears of tenuous life. New England’s abandoned factories and pollution remind us of an idyllic past of plenty – boom times when war meant production, prosperity. Drive just a few minutes off the Interstate and see a beautiful forest, nature continues to press on, no matter what humans decide.

Singing Bridges echoes this push and pull. Our namesake is a balance between man and nature – steel grate deck and suspension bridges ease the flow of more and more people, but this design can also sing for us. Steel suspension cables, designed to be flexible and to adapt with nature, sway with the wind, eventually singing a symphony of harmonic noise.

With enough equipment for a few extra people, Singing Bridges piles on the amps for a big sound from a trio of guitar, bass and drums.

The Wedding Present, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Joy Division, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Ride, Dinosaur Jr, Jesus and Mary Chain, Chapterhouse, The Chills, Unrest, Teenage Fanclub, T-Rex, Minutemen, The Swirlies, The Clash
the full moon
bridges that sing

SKIP016 "Three Trains" CDr/EP
Release Date: November 3rd, 2009
Digital Release Date: November 24th 2009
Track Listing:
Crazy Street
Sunny Day
Edith Keeler
Disappear (Nitrogen)

Singing Bridges is:
Christine Jewell - Vocals and Bass Guitar
Tim Ferarro - Vocals and Guitar
William Knapp - Drums and Percussion


SKIP#010 CDr / EP
Limited Edition of 75 Hand-Numbered
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Digital Release Date: April 1, 2008
Track Listing:
on y va
the makeout song
permanent ink

singing bridges is:
amity wahl - vocals and percussion
christine jewell - bass and vocals
timothy ferraro - guitar
william knapp - drums, keyboards, percussion
additional keyboards by mark thornton on:
on y va and disappear

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superfallingstars, New Haven, CT
Swimming across the Sound invokes memories of childhood, hanging out in high school and love lost and found amidst upbeat pop tempos and harmonies that lock in your head.

“This is a good one; a fun indie pop record... The songs are mostly crunchy jangle-fests, fast paced with fun lyrics... I'm immediately reminded of bands like Tallulah Gosh on the speedier numbers crossed with the Galactic Heroes. They've got a great mix of influences, yet take the sound and make it their own.” Shredding Radio

"This Connecticut trio play catchy and likeable guitar pop ... The band sound like a chunkier, garagey version of The Descendants, and Sembos’s earnest, innocent vocals even resemble that band’s Milo Aukerman.” Big Takeover #55

“It makes a refreshing change to hear a band with such great songs and great sounds rely on [DIY recording]... get a copy, its bloody great... “ Tasty

RIYL: Ted Leo, The Descendents, The Smiths, Onion, The Jam, The Feelies
Releases: “Swimming Across the Sound” Fall 2004
Listen to an mp3 of "I'm Not Really Sure"

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The Year Zero, Long Beach, CA
Reminiscent of early dream pop and shoegaze, The Year Zero weaves together layerings of guitars and keyboards to create futuristic dream pop soundscapes. Singer Lili de la Mora's (Sidecar) lullaby sighs lilt and sway over shimmering guitars and keyboards. Rodney Sellars (Sense Field) steps in to hold it down vocally, or maybe just to catch the view from above. Upbeat tempos ride along a swath of melodies swept by solar winds, invoking early Lush, Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Intertwined are light bossa nova interludes and ambient robot anthems. Both prophetic and enchanting, The Year Zero conjures stories and images like a soundtrack for the future, the post-apocalypse what if, just you and me. When the earth is born again, dream along to the past and the future, to the year zero.

“Alone in this room, suddenly I have felt accompanied by the whispers of Lili and those luminous guitars. “ Soi dit en Passant

RIYL: Slowdive, Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Cocteau Twins, Monster Movie, Portishead, Dead Can Dance, Low, 4AD, Felt, Mojave 3, Sigur Ros, Brian Eno, Creation Records
Releases: “Oceania (I Will Return)” Spring 2006
Listen to an mp3 of "The Truth About Stars" from their demo
(This is the song that we totally fell in love with and made us want to release their cd)

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